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Mainframe Workshop with Brenda Reid, June 5th from 6-8 pm

Wander + Wonder: A Practice of Observing and Dreaming

Join artist-in-residence Brenda Reid in a walk and collage workshop, reimagining spaces in downtown St. John’s, on June 5th from 6-8 pm!


This workshop will start at 72 Harbour Drive. We’ll start with a group walk, considering the built environment around us. Big sites or small spaces, take photos of things that interest you! Then, back at the studio, we’ll consider these everyday spaces. What potential do they hold? We’ll imagine, dream and construct new images of our surroundings through collage. Come wander + wonder with us!


Registration is required. To register, click here!

This all-ages event is free to attend. Questions or comments? Email 


Artist Bio

Brenda Mabel Reid is an emerging artist, designer and educator based in Kitchener, Canada. They received their master’s of architecture in 2021 from the University of Waterloo, researching care theory and ethics in architecture. Through this work, they developed a large-scale community art project, From Behind the Mask, collecting and displaying regional, individual stories of pandemic experiences to make a travelling installation of physical space for grieving and empathy. Since then, they have pursued political, care-based and community-engaged work. Brenda’s practice is based out of a shared co-op artist studio where they believe in the power of art to have critical public discussions in ways that the architecture profession does not.

Brenda will explore 2D animation while working on how architecture defines what people can do in space – often in restrictive ways – and how we could re-envision it in a context of spatial freedom, access, ethics, and community. I will survey and select 2-3 locations downtown that has greater potential for collective space and an increased variety of spatial uses.