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Megan + Clayton’s Artist Talk + Screening Event!

Join resident artists Megan Arnold and Clayton Dyon (and their dog Farley) for an evening of art and food on August 11th, from 6-9 pm at 72 Harbour Drive!


Megan, Clayton, and Farley are a love trifecta. They are a family unit. They are all obsessed with each other. And they’ve come to Newfoundland to make a video together – a video that seeks answers to some questions they’ve been asking themselves recently: Does the end of the road exist? What kind of world do we want to leave for our dogs? Will Megan ever be a good enough angler to provide fish for her family?


The artists invite you to a screening of their video-in-progress at Eastern Edge, where they will be serving soup (a vegan & gluten-free option is available) and answering your questions with more questions.


If you have any questions or concerns, email!


To learn more about the artists, click here!