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New AiRs Megan Arnold & Clayton Dyon!

Join us in welcoming two new artists-in-residence, Megan Arnold and Clayton Dyon, along with their furry friend, Farley! They’ll be here with us until August 12th, 2023.


Megan has been stuck in the MFA world since she and Clayton met, so this will be their first chance to really collaborate together. They drove from Guelph to St. John’s with their dog, Farley, with the intention of pooling their different skill sets and learning some new ones. Potential outcomes include: a dog agility course, a collection of songs, small sculptures, constellations of bug bites, a prize brookie, slow TV, a parking lot cookout, and meandering dog/bog walks.


 Megan Arnold is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in performance, video, drawing, and pop music. Clayton Dyon has worked professionally in the fields of metal fabrication, general contracting carpentry, classic car and motorcycle restorations, and as a musician. The two met at an art installation in the ruins of an old mill in September 2021 – Clayton gave Megan the remote to control a fog machine (so romantic!). They live in Guelph and spend as much of their time as possible in close physical contact with each other.


Follow their journey on IG here!


Visit Megan Arnold’s website here!