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Nicole Travers | FARR Winter 2021

IG: @blomidonbeadwork

So, there are times that it takes me forever to get to my beadwork. I have, however, taken a personal approach where a part of me is woven into the piece that I create.  As I give a bit of myself to each piece, I grow with desire to share, it is like an unending circle of give and receive.  I always try to ensure I can visualize how a piece will look before I start. As it comes together it may take on a life of its own, but I won’t force something that doesn’t feel right.”

Nicole’s artwork is an amalgamation of traditional beadwork style with a more modern sewing technique which is often found in readily available moccasins of today. Having only pictures available to study, the designs on the moccasins below have been inspired by the traditional styles of moccasins from the 1840-1850, now housed in Museum Victoria in Australia.

The leather pictured below is from codfish that was harvested for food during the food fishery in July and August. The meat was kept for winter and the skins were cleaned and tanned in preparation for beading. From water to earrings, the whole process was completed by Nicole.

Click here to watch Nicole’s Fish Leather Tutorial!