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Joe Fowler – Object Says

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Object Says is a series of interactive electronic sculptures based on household mechanisms. The often-unnoticed light switches, smoke detectors, faucets, thermostats, doorknobs, all play an under-appreciated roll in our daily lives. We touch them and we expect only the expected from them. This work is about subverting what we know, crushing expectations and creating a playful and imaginative environment for people to explore.

Opening Reception: Feb 21st at 7pm

Facebook event here

About the artist:

Joe Fowler is a Newfoundland born artist who works in printmaking and digital media art ranging from whimsical illustration to surrealism and collage. His work can often be characterized his investigation of everyday objects, nostalgia, and absurdism.

Joe would like to thank the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, VANL-CARFAC, and Cox & Palmer for their support.