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One administrators’ minutia is another artists’ matter | Greywolf

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

A man of the people.

Repetition, meticulous art for the people who won’t deconstruct it.


Yet he works with deeply intellectual content.


Or is that my projection. Cheques, an object of the economy’s denomination. Floor plans, information both of and in spite of Brunelleschi, both of and in spite of Gestalt.


This isn’t about the dome, this isn’t about depth perception, it’s about the grid. Not a matrix, not an existential potentiality, a grid. It is informational. Is it archeological?


Perhaps in the abstract regions, but that’s a long jump, what’s closer?


The power of the grid, square accuracy accessed, but first be bound by round hoop. A part of the process, a part of the presentation, a part of the preservation. Repetition, repetition, repetition. And a little bit of irony. A little bit of poetry, if you are so inclined.


A transactional object converted through repetition, repetition, repetition, to a precious tactile pattern, to be preserved. Accuracy, line, thread, cotton, linen, ancient practice, handed from mother to daughter.


Become mother to son.


That’s not the point either though. The fabric delivered delivers its own pre-endowed history, each textile a philosophical document unto itself.


The needle’s point obeys the grid

the linen provides, the thread yields,

an item of more consequence than a facsimile,

an image resolved beyond a scan, or two

the man repeats


“You just have to look,” he says.


The images that make a creator’s life threaded,

Dozens of hours with

Brief documents of utility and exchange,

Committed with accuracy ancient

In serial preservation

Above is an exercise in free associative writing by Greywolf,

Greatly inspired by the beautiful works of Kevin Melanson


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