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Shawn O’Hagan

Artist Statement:

When my children were small I watched them draw without intention. They inhabited only the moment of creation. With these small collages I am attempting to create as my children did. These works are driven by my subconscious and with the confidence I now have knowing that my intuition will dictate what comes next. They are an external manifestation of my creative energy. They are about process. About how the work grows. About discovery and about the pure joy of making.

I choose to use only vintage and recycled textiles because I love the stories that these materials hold. And I spend time fusing together the work with slow, meditative stitching and applique. The work comes to life in my hands.

On September 17th, 2020 Shawn O’Hagan hosted a causally Q&A following the premiere of her video, eventually, I forgot the rules. Click here to find the 12-minute video of Shawn sharing her journey as an artist along with a recording of the Q&A session.

On September 24th, 2020, EE hosted our second FARR Community Conversation. Click here to watch the Community Conversation with Karen Ann Pink & Shawn O’Hagan, Lead by Bruno Vinhas.

FARR Artists Shawn O’Hagan & Karen Ann Pink exchanged letters with one another throughout their residency and have provided them for EE to share with our community.

Click here to check out Shawn O’Hagan & Karen Ann Pink: A Month of Letters

Here is a sample of some of Shawn’s past work.