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Susan Furneaux’s Artlink Exchange Experience!

Susan Furneaux recently went to Ireland as part of our Artlink International Exchange. See what she had to say about her experience below!

Image credit: Martha McCulloch

“In the past few years, the focus of my work has shifted focus. I have always worked with natural fibre, but more recently have been inspired by the fibre found at my feet, the fibre that enamoured me as a child and captivated me in the world of textiles. Dandelions, cottonwood, linden and birch are where it all started. I now want to create with local natural fibre using traditional methods and explore the subtitles of colour found in the materials themselves. I want to move away from natural dyes and revel in the natural colours of my materials.

My time in Ireland allowed me the time to study these things. Connecting with Irish knowledge keepers, I learned methods of working with textile materials in traditional ways. I found inspiration in the geophysical, historical, social and cultural similarities between our two islands that share their shores with North Atlantic. The residency gave me time to think ponder and experiment towards my new direction; my newest work is reflective of the material and techniques learned during my time at Art Link. So grateful for the opportunity and for all the new friends I met across the water!”