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MAINFRAME is Complete – The Website is LIVE!

Thank you to everyone who attended the closing party and to RJ Pinoy Yum for the delicious lunch. The project website is LIVE and available to view on mobile and desktop applications.

The website features work from artists-in-residence Brenda Reid, Oz (B.G-Osborne), Ale Monreal, Jane Walker, Michael Lucenkiw, and Nasim Makaremi Nia. It also includes information about workshops and links to relevant resources. 



We’ll add more materials from resident Jane Walker as she continues exploring digital weaving. Jane is set to spend time at Corner Brook’s new Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI), where a TC2 loom is currently being installed for public use (details regarding access to be announced by the CRI). Keep an eye out for updates!

We’d like to acknowledge the hard work and support of our resident artists, mentors, workshop leaders, NIFCO, the Canada Council for the Arts, and all those involved – thank you!



Access to the technology and supplies acquired during the project will continue – be sure to purchase or renew your EE membership here!


Click here to visit the Mainframe project page on EE’s main website (current).