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The Manolis L Art Exhibit


Opening reception: Saturday, Nov. 7 at 7pm
With talks by Kevin Strowbridge and Dr. Ian Jones

Facebook event here.

The Manolis L Citizens Response Committee presents
The Manolis L Art Exhibit

The Manolis L Citizens Response Committee introduces a group of artists with work as varied and deep as the Atlantic Ocean and with complexities as the situation that inspires it. These artists have chosen to speak out about the leaking sunken vessel Manolis L in Notre Dame Bay, an area of the world that informs and influences their work in some manner. The artists are Andrew Danson Danushevsky, M’Liz Keefe, David McConkey, Brian Nichols, Shelley Reid, Rachel Ryan, Valerie Sooley, Heather & Lloyd White, as well as a relevant submission from the Victoria Park Lantern Festival.

Some of the artists have documented the impact and devastation of oil spillage to date while others abstractly reflect upon the Manolis L experience. There are photographs by Andrew Danson Danushevsky, Valerie Sooley and Shelley Reid that explore various aspects of the Manolis L. A notable painting is M’Liz Keefe’s “Black Dark Atlantic” that incorporates wood ash in paint. Rachel Ryan’s “Black Tide” is a stunning fabric collage/machine embroidered wall hanging. Heather and Lloyd White have collaborated on a piece using oily black fused glass in an old window pane. While processes and mediums vary, the artists speak with one voice saying that the ocean that inspires them must be saved by removing the oil from this sunken ship.

At the opening, we will hear talks by Kevin Strowbridge a naval architect at The Marine Institute who will present his findings on when we can expect an oil incident and how large it will be, and by Dr. Ian Jones, a biologist at MUN, who will speak on the environmental impact of both chronic and catastrophic oil spill incidents resulting from the the Manolis L.