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Town Hall

The arts sector has well-documented problems when it comes to addressing institutional racism. Exploring the topic of anti-Black racism and how the arts and arts institutions are implicated, Black artists and administrators on an online panel (OAG, June 2020) stressed that the time for broad antiracist statements with no follow-through has expired.

Dismantling racism within arts institutions is about learning how to be effective, transparent and accountable. This work involves coming together to co-create plans and take action, while carefully evaluating the results along the way. Anti-racist organizational change also needs to be led by those most impacted by racism.

Eastern Edge Gallery is committing to developing and implementing anti-racist practices within our artist-run centre. This will require concerted, ongoing efforts by both staff and volunteers. We are committed to building our capacity and resources to do this work. This is an active call to artists and community organizers in NL to join our Board of Directors and Committees to propel this important work forward. Join us for a Town Hall about building equity and anti-racism within Eastern Edge. Learn about antiracism initiatives already underway and how to get involved as we restructure our organization, and work towards anti-racist progress in the arts sector.

Pre-register HERE to find out what EE’s staff and volunteers have been working on together over the past year and how to get involved!

This event will be happening both in person and over zoom. Sign language interpreters and Child Care available on request before October 31st.