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Welcome EE’s new AiR, Susan Furneaux!

Eastern Edge’s third artist-in-residence this spring is local artist Susan Furneaux! Susan will be working in our studio from May 15th to June 22nd.


Susan says, “I am exploring the making of thread using nettle and burdock, beads with willow and shell, fabric with paper and bark. All materials were gathered from my yard. I would like to experiment with impermanent structures and stacking and arranging that will speak to the cyclical nature of the work and the impermanence of my materials. 

This immersive time period for creation will allow me to focus on and push the materials to their full potential as an art medium. It will also give me time to strengthen the 3-dimensional aspect of my work, something which is new for me.



Artist Statement 

Intimacy with materials in process, usage and place is the foundation of my work. I grow, nurture, forage and process my materials; my art and homesteading lifestyle are inseparable. The seasons, the ebbs and flows of nature are present in the materials. The practice is a ritual of connection and integration with my environment where the cycle of life and death are ever-present. Using both traditional and unexpected natural fibres, I create finely crafted pieces that discuss the infinite offerings of textile materials from the boreal forest and peat bogs of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland. This work is reflective of my settler ancestors’ tradition of ‘making do’, skilled makers who resourcefully created beautiful work with what was close by. 


Artist Bio

Susan Furneaux is an artist, educator and craft consultant in Newfoundland and Labrador. For over 30 years, Furneaux has specialized in natural dye and fibre techniques, learning, teaching, exhibiting and being collected throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, nationally and internationally. Furneaux has won multiple awards for her embroidery, natural dye and innovative use of natural materials. As a typically bespoke fine craftsperson and artist with a holistic approach, Furneaux’s career and practice are increasingly celebrated in contemporary art spaces. 2022 Furneaux participated in the internationally renowned residency through Artlink in Donegal, leading to her work touring in Ireland and being exhibited at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. In 2022 Susan was awarded VANL CARFAC’s ‘Endurance Award’ and in 2023 will be Artist in residence at Eastern Edge artist-run centre.


Susan is currently an instructor at the College of the North Atlantic’s Textile & Apparel Design.