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Afronautic Research Lab Performance

Afronautic Research Lab performance/installation by Camille Turner with Ayoka Junaid


Image credit: Camille Turner, Afronautic Research Lab, documentation of performance/installation in conjunction with Showroom, University of Toronto Arts Centre, 2016. Courtesy of the Artist and Michael Alstad.

Saturday, September 10 2016, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

A.C. Hunter Library Arts and Culture Centre, 125 Allandale Road. St. John’s, NL

Admission free

For this project multi-media artist Camille Turner will excavate local and national histories and engage the community in her ongoing consciousness-raising project. The Afronauts, are descendants of the Dogon people of Mali. They left earth 10,000 years ago and have returned home to save and heal the planet. Tackling one issue at a time, they invite citizen researchers to join them in their Afronautic Research Lab. Currently, they are confronting Canada’s historical amnesia. They do this by unveiling 18th century  newspapers and inviting visitors to contemplate the ads posted by Canadian slave owners.