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Coming soon… HALF HAM

SAVE THE DATE!! On Saturday, August 6 from 11am-11pm at the @easternedgegallery Garage, we’ll be serving a return of the iconic 24-Hour Art Marathon, better known as 24HAM.

“But wait!” you say. “11am-11pm? That’s only 12 hours?”

CORRECT! This August we are bringing you a sensible HALF HAM. Mark your calendars & get ready to join us in the Garage for art-making, zines, tattoo & haircut pop-ups, and surprise programming to raise money for HOLD FAST 2022.

So when is the other half of the HAM? Stay tuned… 🌝🍖🎨

Check back to this page, or follow our website and social media for updates: || || @holdfastfestival

Did you know HALF HAM 12-hour art marathon has merch? 🍖✨😎 Enjoy a special sneak preview at the @easternedgegallery garage sale July 15-16. Stay tuned for more announcements about HALF HAM registration & programming 🖤🖤🖤