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Tag: 24 Hour Art Marathon

24 Hour Art Marathon: 20th Anniversary!


This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the 24 Hour Art Marathon! To celebrate that epic milestone, we are bringing it back! Come spend the night with us at Eastern Edge, and witness some of the most talented artists in the city come together for a full 24 hours of fun and incredible art making!… Read More

The Art Marathon Festival: Carnival


Art Marathon Festival: Carnival AUG 13-17 2014 SCHEDULE BELOW – For full details, visit! Five days of contemporary art, workshops, performances, talks, music, and 24hrs of live art-making with over 100 local, national and international artists. Read the essay by Gloria Hickey. Facebook event here

The Art Marathon Festival: Dreamworlds


The Art Marathon Festival is a celebration of contemporary artistic practice held each August in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Local, national and international artists come together to present unique performances of their work, share skills in public workshops, take part in provoking discussions and participate in a 24-hour marathon of live art making. The… Read More

The Art Marathon Festival 2012


Welcome to the 13th annual Art Marathon Festival! It’s lucky number 13, thanks to the support of our fabulous artists, art lovers,community leaders, local businesses and managers, musicians, hard-working volunteers, and all the individuals who have attended the festival in the past. This year we are pleased to feature several provincial, national and international artists,… Read More

The Art Marathon Festival 2011


Welcome to the new and improved Art Marathon Festival! Yes, we have canned the “HAM” acronym. This decision was made to avoid confusion, as the Art Marathon Festival has evolved to much more than 24 hours! This year we celebrate the 12th Annual Art Marathon Festival, thanks to the support of our wonderful artists, art… Read More