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Drew Pardy: Move Together Series

Hosted Online, April 29th, May 13th, & May 27th, 2020
Find Drew Pardy’s project website here: between folds/ in motion

Hosted by Drew Pardy. Starting on April 29th, we will be having “mover nights”. These nights are dedicated to dancing, moving, letting go and being vulnerable together. We encourage you to wear something comfortable, something tight, something flowing, something bright, something heavy or something light— in other words, whatever empowers you, that embodies how you are feeling/ want to feel.

During these sessions we hope to connect with one another and ourselves all the while letting the music and fabrics we choose mesmerize us (additional fabric, blankets or other textiles are encouraged as dance partners).
This is an experiment in movement and connection, so please embrace all of your dancing abilities (or lack there of) and let’s move together!

We encourage you to put on what you feel comfortable in and jump into the Zoom meeting with your CAMERA ON to dance with us! We can send the zoom link to your e-mail. Let us know you are interested by emailing us at

To read more about Pardy’s practice and plans for her residency, visit our website here.
Follow Pardy’s website to stay up to date on her project here.