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Indecisive Valley: Hea R Kim

Indecisive Valley is a whimsical installation that incorporates diverse hand-built pieces. This wall
installation is an amalgamation of various layers of craft techniques and image-based
components in two and three-dimensional sculptures. By considering the wall as an open
space, familiar components, like the ceramic figurines and papier-mâché transform into an
unfamiliar mindscape that is covered with mass-produced goods including plastics and beads.
Visually inspired by her Korean heritage, Kim’s explorations share elements of childhood
recollections and imagination. Her desire is to visualize the innocent period when days are filled
with infinite possibility, indulgence, and mystery.
Imagining the many possibilities of traditional genres while rethinking the notion of artistic
value, this installation is about a fusion of the past, the present, and the possible future.

Korea-born and Montreal-based visual artist, Hea R. Kim explores overlapping technical art processes within sculptures and fibers. With her formal education in her home country (South Korea) and her in-depth studies in material processes and contemporary art in Montreal, Kim aims to challenge the philosophical limits of what craft and art are, as well as what they can encompass in the future.
Kim has exhibited her works across Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa), and Seoul, South Korea.


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