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(em)brace | Michelle MacKinnon

resized, put away, for now XXV

Michelle MacKinnon January 11th – February 22nd, 2019 (em)brace explores how the notion of home can endure and evolve, drifting between the deconstruction and adoration of things and people. In fragmented states that exist between the real and remembered, the objects drawn are intimately preserved to create a mapping of sorts – a rendering of… Read More

Response to Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love + Big ‘Uns


Response to Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love + Big ‘Uns **Trigger Warning**: the following response to Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love mentions descriptions of colonial violence against Indigenous Women, Two Spirit folks, gender non-conforming individuals and girls— the work in this exhibition is personal and specific to experiences of the artist. Navigating this… Read More

Dayna Danger – Big’Uns


Big’Uns Dayna Danger Main Gallery Dayna Danger’s monumental series Big’Uns is an ongoing photographic portrait series that explores the reclaiming of sexuality and bodies in a cultural climate in which women, Trans, and gender non-conforming people often lack power over their own sexualities. The series co-opts the aesthetics of high fashion magazines, music videos, mainstream pornography, and… Read More

Buffet Style: Annual Members’ Show


Buffet Style: Annual Members’ Show August 16 – September 14, 2019 Opening Reception: August 16, 7-9PM The EE Members’ Show is your opportunity to see what the members of Eastern Edge Gallery have been up to this past year! EE’s membership includes some of the best artists in the province, and the members’ show is… Read More

A Hole So Big It Became The Sky


A Hole So Big It Became The Sky Coco Guzman & Daze Jefferies, with community participation July 6 – August 3, 2019 Opening Reception: July 6, 7-9pm What happens when our experiences are Too Big to talk about? When they resist the symbolic register of language? How do we transmit them, how do we hold… Read More