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Karen Ann Pink

Artist Statement:

My developing art practice explores the connection between memory, place, and belonging. My creative practice is informed by my vulnerabilities, and through the personal reflection of family relationships, care and comfort, and grief and bereavement.

My work often incorporates craft practices passed down from my mother, my grandmother, and my maternal ancestors. Since becoming a parent myself, I have gained a deeper understanding of what it means to both provide and receive care, patience, and love. I seek to push the boundaries of my art practice by examining attitudes toward artists who are also mothers, beyond just cis-gender women or traditional views of what motherhood is. The inclusion or exclusion of children in art spaces, the challenges of providing and seeking childcare, and raising children while working are all key aspects of my research and practice. I am currently examining ideas of “home” and what that means to me, while building toward the creation of a series of interactive online installations. I will navigate these concepts in the form of both traditional and new media, and explore the intersections that I discover along the way.

During their residency, Karen designed an interactive collage website. Below you will find examples of what participants have created.  Click here to be brought to that page and create your own collage.  Be sure to download your design to upload it to the Gallery.

FARR Artists Shawn O’Hagan & Karen Ann Pink exchanged letters with one another throughout their residency and have provided them for EE to share with our community.

Click here to check out Shawn O’Hagan & Karen Ann Pink: A Month of Letters

On September 29th, 2020 Karen Ann Pink hosted a makers night that featured a conversation about the textures that live around us. Click here to watch the online recording of Karen’s Makers Night.

On September 24th, 2020, EE hosted our second FARR Community Conversation. Click here to watch the Community Conversation with Karen Ann Pink & Shawn O’Hagan, Lead by Bruno Vinhas.

Here is a sample of some of Karen’s past work.