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Makers Night with FARR AiR Karen Ann Pink

On September 29th, 2020 Karen Ann Pink hosted a makers night that featured a conversation about the textures that live around us. During this event, the audience was invited to play with an interactive collage site that Karen designed. Click here to be brought to that page and create your own collage. Be sure to download your design to upload it to the Gallery. 

Click here to check out Karen’s FARR residency page

 Karen Ann Pink is a multidisciplinary artist and parent of two. They work primarily with watercolour and textile/fibre art, recently working to combine traditional art, audio recordings, and programming to create digital interactive installations. As of September 2020, Karen will continue their studies in the BFA program in Visual Arts at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus. They currently live in the scenic Codroy Valley with their partner and youngest child.