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Kristen Roos / Jennifer Dorner


JUN. 28 – AUG. 2

The micro radio project is a mobile sound installation, and a live sound collage performance. Using lathe cut records, cassettes and a radio transmitter it pays homage to the history of the phonograph, tape and radio as tools for the development of experimental sound art. Kristen Roos’ sound and installation usually involve a translation, or change, from one state to another. Objects normally used to bring information in a particular way are repurposed, and reconstructed into new vibrating forms. These temporary structures hope to inspire infinite interpretations for the objects and spaces that make up the world around us.

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Sky Vessels is an exhibition of paintings – an artificial sky built panel by panel with miniscule elements that highlight the bizarre attributes of leisure activities emblematic of western culture. The small and detailed representation of leisure activity combined with transport vehicles acts as the catalyst for disrupting the field of painting.

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About the artists:

Kristen Roos’ work has been aired on experimental radio programs internationally, and exhibited in artist-run centers and festivals nationally. He has completed a BFA at Concordia University and an MFA at the University of Victoria.

Jennifer Dorner, originally from BC, received her BFA from the University of Ottawa, and MFA from the University of Western Ontario. Previously Director of eyelevel gallery in Halifax, NS, she is now based in Montreal, QC, pursuing her multi-disciplinary artistic career and as National Director of the Independent Media Arts Alliance. Recipient of several grants and awards through the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts, in 2004, her work was short-listed for the Atlantic region for the RBC National Painting competition. Her work has been exhibited in group shows across Canada including the Jennifer Show curated by Jenifer Paparo for the Oakville Galleries and So Far So Good at YYZ artists’ outlet. She has taught at the University of Western Ontario, Dundas Valley School of Art and has a strong passion for advocating for the arts with an emphasis on artist-run culture.