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Love Under the Patriarchy | Zine & Podcast

Eastern Edge is excited to highlight Christeen Francis and Renee Sharpe, who have collaborated on a special episode of Love Under the Patriarchy (featuring Phillippa Jones), as well as showcasing the zine, Love Under The Patriarchy, as a visual extension of the podcast. This podcast was started by Renee to create a space for conversations between friends and community members to talk about love, safety, community, resistance, relationships, and how to be vulnerable under systems of oppression. The podcast and zine are a fun and raw way to name experiences, and celebrate love! This special episode checks in with EE’s Executive Director Philippa Jones, who, during this recording, is on Maternity Leave during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Renee, Christeen, and Phillipa had a wicked conversation about what they can do as white settlers to unlearn and dismantle the racist, colonial, capitalist, patriarchal systems of oppression.

The idea for the zine happened after Christeen heard one of Renee’s podcast episodes, she thought it would be cool to get people to submit to a zine. Her ideas to include woodcut portraits emerge from the #metoo movement. Christeen wanted to make more explicitly feminist artwork, and partnering with Renee has helped her fulfill that.

Christeen was hosting weekly art jams at EE studios during her fall 2019 residency, where she invited community members to submit to this zine. You can learn more about her residency here.  


Please click here to view the full Zine in your browser, and to download!

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