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Mainframe: Other Ways of Knowing: Sonification as Data, with Michael Lucenkiw

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Our Mainframe AiR Michael Lucenkiw’s workshop is on February 15th, from 7-9 pm, at Eastern Edge Studio!

Imagine comparing different water samples by listening to them! Sonification of data is just that! Participants will create their own Sonification Circuit that generates different audible tones in response to different liquid samples.


In this workshop, we will look at exploratory data, non-numerical data that takes the form of different pitches that demonstrates relative changes in various samples. The resulting data responds to more of a ‘gut feeling’ and can quickly allow a listener to hear changes in samples. We will also cover some basic electronic principles. Working with exploratory data leaves room for interpretation from the viewer as there are many sources of bias in its creation. We will explore some basic ways bias can enter this type of data creation and how to understand and work with it.

Participants are encouraged to bring in a water or other liquid sample (4 Tsp is plenty) to test! No electronic experience is required.

Artist Bio

Michael is an interdisciplinary designer, artist and researcher primarily investigating ways in which citizen science, tinkering, hacking and critical making can be used to create stronger relationships with our environment. He works with a variety of mediums, including software coding, hardware design, and installations. Through these means, he advocates for action toward connecting people with less empowered stakeholders in the environment, such as plants and water. This work challenges western- normative scientific investigation methods and is a call to action that brings visibility to under-represented entities, living and nonliving.


Workshop Materials

Click here for the slideshow pdf.

Supplies are available to use at Eastern Edge. 



Pictures from the workshop: