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Maker’s Night with Karen Ann Pink with Guest Peter Fowler

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Eastern Edge is hosting a Maker’s Night with FARR Artist in Residence Karen Ann Pink. In a bit of a twist, this Maker’s Night comes with some fun (and easy) homework. Join us on September 29th to help us explore this theme: textures!

Karen has asked that before we meet, we be mindful of our surroundings – as we go about our daily routines, try to discover something containing texture that is intriguing to you. You can find this texture by looking around your home, neighbourhood, work, or anywhere you find yourself! It can be something that has memory or meaning, or something new in your environment. You can collect this by either taking a photo, rubbing the texture (laying paper over top and rubbing it with pencil, graphite, crayon, etc), picking up the object itself or gathering the texture in any way that you can imagine. Bring this texture to the Maker’s Evening for a quick show and tell, and we will be translating the pattern or texture into artwork over the course of the evening.

Karen’s husband will also join her throughout the evening, and they’ll talk about a digital, interactive collage that they have been working on. How cool! The premise of their discussion will be surrounding their process and conscious effort to be aware of and gather textures in the places that hold meaning to them – the places which they call home.

We can show our textures, talk about why we were drawn to them, all the while making ART. See you there!

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