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Time After Timeline


Celebrating 25 years of artist-run culture on the Edge…

Twenty-five artists from the past and over twenty-five artists from the present. Eastern Edge Gallery presents its first quarterly report with a special Members Exhibition featuring a visual time-line of uncovered treasures from the darkest depths of storage areas to the public archives. For the first time in its history, a comprehensive look at all things Edgy: found ephemera, collected stories from the membership, and a full administrative history is featured in this dynamic installation.

Iakov Afanassiev, Jennifer Barrett, Natalie Beausoleil, Greg Bennett, Mark Bennett, Mark Benson, Margaret Best, Tara Bryan, Michelle Bush, Debbie Collingwood, Marlene Creates, Chrissy Dicks, Donnalee Downe, Cathy Driedzic, Peter Drysdale, Cathia Finkel, Michael Flaherty, Will Gill, Michael Gough, Pam Hall, Jim Hansen, Sarah Hillock, Terrance Hounsell, David Kaarsemaker, Monica Kidd, Patrick Kennedy, Kathleen Knowling, Marilyn Koop, Deb Kuzyk, Josh Lepawsky, Bonnie Leyton, Mary MacDonald, Ray Mackie, Annette Manning, Erin McArthur, John McDonald, Carolyn Morgan, Evelyn Peyton, Julia Pickard, Craig Francis Power, Undrea Norris Norris, Toby Rabinowitz, Heather Reeves Jacob Rolfe, Jerry Ropson, Bela Simo, Anita Singh, Mitzi Pappas Smyth, Ginok Song, Louise Sutton, David Tuck, Lisa Wakeham, Snowden Walters, Jessica Waterman, Peter Wilkins, Elizabeth Williams, June Walker-Wilson and Krissy Worthman.