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Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence at MUN

This exciting collaborative partnership between MUN Digital Media Centre and Eastern Edge Gallery has been established to create a new opportunity for a Newfoundland and Labrador artist who would like to experiment creating work in VR. We are pleased to announce that Kyle Bustin will be the first Artist in Residence.

Kyle Bustin, score more points to win the game, 144 panels, 121 thousand individually placed perler beads, 200 hours, perler bead relic from Conflicts in Neverland Performance, 5.8’x5.8’, August 2017, Gallery 115

Conflicts in Neverland II

“During the residency with Memorial University and Eastern Edge Gallery I will continue to examine my political position on the Internet within the context of contemporary feminist and identity based politics. I will do this by creating several new media works. I plan on experimenting with creating virtual installations using virtual reality software. The idea behind these virtual installations is to create works that can be viewed across the globe, artworks that do not rely on the traditional white cube space of institutional galleries. Through the works I aim to explore, critique and question the predominately masculine spaces on the Internet that I inhabit. I plan on live streaming aspects of my creative process during the residency, during this time I will attempt to engage with both the visual arts and the gaming the community on the internet to discuss toxicity in online space.”

KYLE BUSTIN is a multi-disciplined artist whose work primarily consists of painting, installation, and multi-media projects. He completed his BFA at Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus in 2011, in the fall of 2017 he completed an MFA at the University of Ottawa. He has had solo exhibitions at The Rooms Provincial Gallery, Eastern Edge Gallery’s Rogue Space and has completed a residency at Struts and Faucet Media Arts Centre. In 2015 he was awarded the Emerging Artist Award by Visual Arts Newfoundland & Labrador. Thematically he is interested the frenetic landscape of digital culture, the millennial identity and how these relate to the physical world.