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Tag: Kyle Bustin

Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence at MUN

Scoremorepointstowinthegame copy

This exciting collaborative partnership between MUN Digital Media Centre and Eastern Edge Gallery has been established to create a new opportunity for a Newfoundland and Labrador artist who would like to experiment creating work in VR. We are pleased to announce that Kyle Bustin will be the first Artist in Residence. Kyle Bustin, score more… Read More



HOLD FAST is a four-day celebration of contemporary art held each August in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The festival is organized by Eastern Edge Gallery, the province’s first artist-run-centre. HOLD FAST is a maelstrom of creative energy. HOLD FAST is the anchor and the storm. Building on the energy of our previous festivals (previously… Read More

Tekar – Digital Impulse


The digital world is the pulsing heart of our decade. Countless new thoughts, images and media are generated from its rapid, fleeting, spastic, and impulsive signals every second. The work in Digital Impulse draws its inspiration from this digital realm, transferring the impulsive typing, rapid media absorption, and the pulsing sounds of electronic music into… Read More