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David Tuck Parade and Planting


David Tuck Parade and Planting

Saturday July 2 at 11am
Meet at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Dr.)
Procession will by led by the illustrious Wiener Shaman
Free. All Welcome.

As part of March 2016 exhibition David Tuck: friends and ashes, the Wiener Shaman (Sara Tilley), with clown friends Vanessa Cardoso Whelan and Bernardine Stapleton, created a Sacred Mixture in honour of David Tuck – this mixture contained many sacred ingredients, including some of David’s ashes, as well as a variety of flower seeds, housed in a magical vessel created by Jay Butler.

On Saturday, July 2 at 11am we will gather at Eastern Edge Gallery and unveil the new David Tuck Memorial Library shelf, commissioned by Eastern Edge and custom built by local carpenter Chris George. We will then disperse the Sacred Mixture through the streets of St. John’s, planting seeds and ashes (and bacon bits, sparkles, candy and other sacred substances) in uncared-for corners. Please come and celebrate a colourful life with us!

Newfoundland artist David Tuck, 1953­-2015, died well before we were ready to say goodbye. As a tribute to David, his work and his unique view of life, artist friends from across the Atlantic region have been invited to create new artworks, in a variety of media, each one to incorporate some of David’s ashes. David always said that after he died he would like to be painted into a Masterpiece. His friends thought this would be a great salute to David and a way to say: “a part of you is still here with us.” Love you David, from all your friends.