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Tag: David Tuck Memorial Library

Locations: Kevin Melanson


Kevin Melanson: Locations David Tuck Memorial Library April 26 – May 24, 2019 Opening Reception: Friday April 26, 2019 Locations is an ongoing series of text-based embroideries. Each one features a three-word description of the locations where the embroideries are made. Kevin Melanson is an artist/writer from the Maritimes who recently moved to St. John’s because… Read More

AWAKE IN THE DARK: Mimi Stockland


AWAKE IN THE DARK: Mimi Stockland David Tuck Memorial Library Opening reception October 27, 2018 Awake in the Dark is part travelogue, part house of memories, part museum, part science project, held together with the cloudy glue of dreams and visions. Collected and collaged over years lived, these objects evade explanation or truth-telling, half-remembered from the… Read More