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Hazel Meyer – Walls to the Ball


Walls to the Ball is an installation, performance and sculpture project that uses macramé and hand-knotting techniques to construct fantastical versions of basketball nets in a commentary on both jock and handicraft culture. Hazel Meyer will be onsite developing the project in the first weeks of the exhibition, gradually transforming the gallery into a pseudo-gymnasium, complete with a large-scale wall drawing and patterned floor, that will become the site of performance/games that juxtapose craft and athletics.

Read the exhibition essay by Susan Cahill.


Artist talk: September 15th at 3pm

Opening reception: October 6th at 3pm

Facebook event here

About the artist:

Hazel Meyer is an artist and sports enthusiast based in Toronto. Committed to both a socially engaged and material-based practice she negotiates them primarily through creating installations that become environments for performance, workshops and amateur athletics. She holds an MFA from OCAD University, and is the junior sports correspondent for Ponytail Express. Recent exhibitions include Schlaegermusik with Annesley Black in Stuttgart, Walls to the Ball at Struts Gallery, artspace and La Centrale, and All Hands on the Archive with Logan MacDonald at F.A.G. Upcoming projects are Walls to the Ball in Saskatoon, What I Talk About When I Talk About Weaving at WARC, and a forthcoming comic book Pattern Slander: A semi-autobiographical account of disease, shit and repeat-patterns.

HM EE WTTB dingdong wall_small

HM EE WTTB corner pole_small

HM EE WTTB wall ladder tongue_small

HM EE WTTB wall and tongue_small

HM EE Tongue in Harbour_small