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One Night Stand


Three weeks, three artists, one series. Coral Short (Montreal), Kailey Bryan (St. John’s), and Evelyn Donnelly (New York) explore spectacle, community, and body politics through a diverse series of performative acts, interventions, and collaborations. Join us for One Night Stand this June at Eastern Edge Gallery!

One Night Stand is a limited time opportunity
One Night Stand is making community
One Night Stand is dancing all night long
One Night Stand is risky behaviour

Read the exhibition essay by Jennifer Dyer.

June 6: Launch Party of One Night Stand at Eastern Edge Gallery with Coral Short (Montreal) and Open Mic Performance Night

Open Mic Performance Night: 7 – 8:30pm

For many years artists have explored time, space, the body, and often their relationship to the audience through happenings and performance art. This is your chance to explore this medium in a warm and welcoming environment. Structured like an Open Mic, participants can sign up before or during the event. Space is limited so sign up early! Performances should be 10 minutes or less.

Coral Short The Insiders, 8:30pm

Coral Short enjoys creating art that casts ephemeral spells on her audiences. Moving beyond the human form Coral Short’s The Insiders shows us the possibility of intimacy, community, trust, and genderless beauty.

June 7: Coral Short (Montreal) The Croning on Signal Hill, sunset

As twilight falls on Signal Hill witness Coral Short’s The Croning, a performance about embracing her role as an elder in a forever young queer community.

June 7 – 8: Coral Short (Montreal) Plush, various locations downtown St. John’s, 1-2pm

Plush is an interactive kinetic soft sculpture that touches on furry culture and toy sculptural drag, but also reminds us of our childhood innocence and our strong emotional attachment to our own special stuffed animal.

June 11 -14: Kailey Bryan (St. John’s) Ingrown at Eastern Edge Gallery, Wed-Fri 12-8pm, Sat 12-5pm

Ingrown is a durational performance that addresses body politics, gender, and power through clinical and collections-based lenses. Plucking hair by hair Bryan methodologically categorizes and considers the social systems that aim to regulate identity.

June 17-21: Evelyn Donnelly (New York) Magic Show: performance studio & video laboratory at Eastern Edge Gallery, Tues-Sat 12-5pm

Magic Show is a performance studio & video laboratory that relates slapstick and physical comedy to ideas of magic and popular dance. Come on down and share your skills as Evelyn Donnelly captures and combines your movements! From reattaching severed limbs to boxes sawed in half and false mirrors, Magic Show imagines new bodies through constructed frames and play.

June 18: On Performance – Panel Discussion at the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery with Evelyn Donnelly, Kailey Bryan, and Pam Hall. Moderated by Mary MacDonald at the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, 7pm

Join us in an open discussion of performance as it relates to the practices of three contemporary artists Kailey Bryan, Evelyn Donnelly, and Pam Hall. A long established medium in contemporary art, Performance Art continues to disrupt traditional notions of artistic practice and narratives of art history. Performance is political, social, vulnerable, and ephemeral.

June 21: Closing Reception of One Night Stand with Evelyn Donnelly (New York) at Eastern Edge Gallery, 7pm

Evelyn Donnelly reveals the results of The Magic Show her week long investigation of movement in St. John’s combining low fi theatrics and vulnerable spontaneous performance.


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