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Presenting the 2023 HOLD FAST Festival Zine

This year at HOLD FAST, Featured Artist Niya Abdullahi helped us put together our first-ever collaborative festival zine. Following the prompt of “anything related to the festival, St. John’s, the art community or anything else you’re passionate about,” workshop participants wrote, drew, and collaged their contributions. The end result is a snapshot of HOLD FAST 2023: weird, eclectic, joyful, and brimming with creativity.

The 2023 HOLD FAST Festival zine features work from Niya Abdullahi, Daniel Martel, Christine Hennebury, Elijah Martel, Amelia Smith, Ida Jewer, Kristen Murray, Amanda Joan & Ashley Hemmings. A selection of original pages were shown at the Craft Council during the HOLD FAST Art Crawl.

Click here to see a digital version of the 2023 HF festival zine!

To download printable versions of the zine, click here for a black + white version, and here for full colour.