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Past Residencies




Rug Hooking Tutorial with Ashley Hemmings

Makers Afternoon with Ashley Hemmings

Artist Talk | Ashley Hemmings

Drew Pardy | Move Together Series 

Faune Ybarra: Unusual Encounters, sharing circle.

Drew Pardy: The Nipple of Stitches Workshop & Video Tutorial

AiR Faune & Drew: Makers’ Afternoon

Afternoon Tea with Drew Pardy

         Faune Ybarra | Artist Talk

Melanie Colosimo hosts satellite Art Bar +Projects


Thank God It’s Friday: Studio Hangout & Artist Presentation

Tuesday Art Jam with Christeen Francis

Labrador City artist explores personal connection to mining through art practice

OPEN STUDIO: Visit our Artists in Residence- Friday, October 18th, 12-5 pm

To Care on Visited Land- Middle Cove Beach, Saturday October 12, 2019

Conundrums, Confessions, Contradictions, and Concerns: Working as Environmental Artists in 2019

Eastern Edge Exhibition, Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together): Joshua Vettivelu

Reading Close: Joshua Vettivelu and legibility in absence – Kailey Bryan

Arbitrary Lines: Refugee Law in Canada 1986 – 2012- Gobhina Najarajah

CBC- Artists create 40-tonne sand sculpture at downtown St. John’s gallery

C- Magazine Issue 143One Thing: Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together) by Arun Nedra Rodrigo