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Year: 2011

Goody-B Wiseman / Jo-Anne Balcaen

4. Jo-Anne Balcaen

GOODY-B WISEMAN – SUPERLOVESTARPOWER 2: THE ALBUM PROJECT JO-ANNE BALCAEN – THE LONGER I WAIT, THE BETTER IT FEELS MAR. 7 – APR. 18 Superlovestarpower 2: The Album Project recasts iconic album cover photographs from the 1960s and 1970s as short films. Recreating these now well-known snapshots and inserting them into speculative narratives, Goody-B Wiseman… Read More

Andy Jones – The Abbie Table Project


Andy Jones, one of Newfoundland’s most well-known actors and writers, will have a month long residency at Eastern Edge during which he will continue to develop The Abbie Table Project with visual artist Peter Breckon and members of the “Growing Up, Up In Cove” Collective. The centerpiece of the project is a 10′ X 4′… Read More