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Tag: Sound Symposium

Sound Symposium XVIII

sound symposium

SOUND SYMPOSIUM XVIII July 8-16 2016 Opening reception / performance: Saturday, July 9 1-3pm Free. All welcome. VISIONS OF SOUND //installation TOM HAMILTON: City of Vorticity- electronic sound environment EASTERN EDGE GALLERY VISIONS OF SOUND //installation JUDE WEIRMEIR: Intermedia EASTERN EDGE GALLERY Tom Hamilton: City of Vorticity (2014) City of Vorticity alludes to the spinning property… Read More

Scenocosme / Elinor Whidden


SCENOCOSME – KYMAPETRA ELINOR WHIDDEN – HEAD-SMASHED-IN-ENGINE-BLOCK-BUFFALO-JUMP JUL. 7 – AUG. 11 Developed by French art collective Scenocosme (Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt), Kymapetra is an interactive installation composed of five stones and a large central basin containing water. When a hand is placed above a stone, a tone is produced that becomes… Read More