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Tag: Hannah Morgan

A Reflection on Komqwejwi’kasikl

M Sylliboy_Bone Image

Rounding the center of the rOUGE gallery were five pilot whale rib bones naturally curving their space and outlining the shape of their original form. From Whale Cove, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) these rib bones came into the hands of poet and artist Michelle Sylliboy when her older brother John helped bring them home from… Read More

islandness, a living experiment: Written overview by Hannah Morgan


islandness, a collaborative exhibition between artists Jane Walker (Newfoundland) and Vivian Ross-Smith (Shetland Islands), is the first installment of a living experiment spanning across the Atlantic between two northern islands. Since meeting in 2015, the two artists have explored their identities shaped by living and working in rural contexts and the influence it has had… Read More

Eastern Edge will be at Flotilla with SHEDtalks!

Vector geometric seamless pattern. Universal Repeating abstract circles figure in black and white. Modern halftone circle design, pointillism

Eastern Edge Gallery Presents SHEDtalks at Flotilla Biennial 2017 Eastern Edge is excited to present a series of salon style discussions  SHEDtalks, ( a play on TEDtalks) at  the Carriage House at Beaconsfield in Charlottetown PEI. Through a contemporary art context, these talks/roundtables  will showcase marginalised and rural voices from our province: artists, writers, poets,… Read More