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Tag: HOLD FAST 2016

HOLD FAST 2016 Photo Album


Time to reminisce First off, The Wandering Pavilion! Launched in St. John’s July 2016, the Wandering Pavilion is a temporary structure that moves from place to place becoming something different each time. HOLD FAST transformed the Wandering Pavilion into our Festival Headquarters: a gathering spot, meeting point, and performance stage. The Wandering Pavilion was sponsored… Read More

HOLD FAST Presents: Boat Shoes


ORGANIZED AND EDITED BY ALLISON GRAVES featuring independent HOLD FAST art writing interviews reviews poetry     Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning at Wandering Pavilion HOLD FAST HQ Fixed Coffee and Baking on Duckworth     w/ Editor’s Choice live readings at Wandering Pavilion HOLD FAST HQ Thursday, August 18, 3pm Friday, August 19, … Read More