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Year: 2020

Winter Artists in Residence


Amery Sandford & David Carriere January 7- February 4 2020 Gentle Barriers Amery Sandford’s MFA Thesis exhibition SMILING PILE, exhibited at SNAP Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. 2019 Gentle Barriers is a collaborative interdisciplinary project by Montreal artists Amery Sandford and David Carriere that combines drawing, 3D modelling, and sound. With these artists coming from their… Read More

The rOGUE gallery presents, Inbetween | Emily Hayes


  In these works, I examine my personal experiences within domestic environments and use cultivated minimalistic imagery to depict my feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness towards different spaces that I have labelled ‘home’. I explore the concept of home as an environment that is unstable; considering my relationship to domestic space, the province of Newfoundland,… Read More

(em)brace, a response by Jane Walker


(em)brace I think of an em dash I wonder why it’s called an em dash and look it up “The em dash is a dash that is the width of an M” An M could fill that space, if it wanted to I think of Ms and then I think of Xs  Variables and spaces… Read More