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Tag: John Jeddore

tet; mâni; ute | here


tet; mâni; ute|here : Melissa Tremblett & John Jeddore  Curated by Joanna Barker April 21st – June 2nd, 2018   In 1949, the Terms of Union between Newfoundland and Canada failed to acknowledge all Indigenous communities on both the island and mainland portion of the province that is now NL. This exclusion has often been… Read More

L’nui’sultinej, Let us Speak Mi’kmaq


The Mi’kmaq language is heralded as a language of the land. When early explorers took on Mi’kmaq people as their guides through the unforgiving terrain of Newfoundland’s interior, they would remark on how the words flowed so harmoniously, and likened it to the animal’s communicating, the rivers flowing, and the wind piercing the moss hanging… Read More