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Year: 2011



Get on your Elvis jumpsuit and rhinestone stilettos and come on down to this year’s Annual Members’ Exhibition: CAMP, KITSCH + CHEESE. Eastern Edge Gallery is celebrating its 27th year, and all members are invited to submit one piece by November 15th to be included in the show. Not a member? Visit our website and… Read More

Eleanor King / Dustin Wilson


ELEANOR KING – NO SIGNAL DUSTIN WILSON – REVERSION TO THE ORIGINAL POINT Sept. 24 – Nov. 5 Eleanor King’s sculptural installation No Signal explores disconnection through collections of obsolete technologies carefully arranged to mimic the cluttered structure of a boutique-style junk shop. Interspersed with audio and video, it is a vista of consumption indexing… Read More

The Art Marathon Festival 2011


Welcome to the new and improved Art Marathon Festival! Yes, we have canned the “HAM” acronym. This decision was made to avoid confusion, as the Art Marathon Festival has evolved to much more than 24 hours! This year we celebrate the 12th Annual Art Marathon Festival, thanks to the support of our wonderful artists, art… Read More

Liz Solo & Jesse Walker / Sandee Moore


LIZ SOLO & JESSE WALKER – PHYTOPHILOUS INITIATIVE SANDEE MOORE – IMAGINARY GIFT JUN. 25 – JUL. 30 Does your begonia love you? Can your cactus transmit messages into your dreams? Newfoundland artists Liz Solo and Jesse H. Walker investigate these and many other questions with the Phytophilous Initiative, a gallery exhibit featuring interactive laboratory… Read More

Jonathan Villeneuve / Kip Jones

#2 linear gesture, 5x7

JONATHAN VILLENEUVE – WAVELENGTH KIP JONES – LINEAR GESTURE APR. 30 – JUN. 11 Jonathan Villeneuve’s installation project Wavelength is a series of large-scale structures built out of common building materials that evoke the movement of a slow and steady wave. His recent work focuses on the perpetual flow that drives the evolution of the… Read More