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Year: 2021

New Mural by Brian Amadi


Initiated through talks with the newly forming BIPOC Creators Collective and Eastern Edge, local artist Brian Amadi was commissioned to create a mural outside Eastern Edge at 72 Harbour Drive. This project aims to emphasize the importance of anti-racism work, and promote diversity, inclusion and respect within our communities. Sharing and creating opportunities in Newfoundland… Read More

Exhibition Text for Heather Jackman ‘Steadfast’ | Kristen Lewis


Weather worn grass cradles gravestones in the local cemetery at spring. Scattered throughout the memorial landscape are pops of colour, vibrant hues of red, yellow, and pink reflecting the blue of the oceanic backdrop. Upon closer inspection the material composition of these bright features come into focus: plastic flowers adorn the parameters of the stones…. Read More

rOGUE Gallery: Heather Jackman | Steadfast

IMG_6074 edit

Click here to read the Exhibition text by Kristen Lewis “On a road trip down the west coast of Newfoundland, I happened upon a cemetery perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Plastic flowers were scattered across the site, spilling down onto the rocks below. These vibrant flowers contrasted with the weathered grass of the… Read More