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Current Residency

April White, Nonreciprocal

September 2nd – October 15th, 2022

White created a character called Noodle who is learning about the world through meandering, impulse, and touch. Noodle is a sewn “copy” of a crudely drawn self-portrait/comic. Since Noodle doesn’t talk, the communicative aspect of performance is through gesture and body language and also simply through Noodle being seen. The Residency will engage with nonreciprocal types of communications as it exists in day-to-day norms in a way that many people may not consider.

Upcoming Residencies

Jillian McDonald, Tunnel

October 28th – December 10th, 2022

Tunnel is a multi-channel video work with accompanying drawings that will be filmed in Eastern Newfoundland, on New York’s Governors Island, in a Brooklyn backyard, and in the Southwestern United States. The project is informed by living and sheltering in a virus epicentre and seeing its profound effects.

Jillian McDonald is a Canadian artist who lives in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include AxeNéo7 in Gatineau, and group shows include FiveMyles and Undercurrent in Brooklyn. Critical discussion of her work appears in The Transatlantic Zombie by Sarah Lauro and Deconstructing Brad Pitt, edited by Christopher Schaberg. Awards include grants from The New York Foundation for the Arts, The Canada Council for the Arts, and residencies at Glenfiddich in Scotland and The Arctic Circle in Svalbard.

Past Residencies


Art Link International Atlantic Residency Exchange, Cliodhna Timoney

International Artist Talks: Micheal Flaherty & Cliodhna Timoney


Summer 2021 HOLD FAST AiR Drew Pardy and Elizabeth Cook, Lily Taylor, and Phlegm Fatales

Summer 2021 Traveling Residency, Emily Neufeld Holding Place: Christeen Francis, Emily Neufeld, Andrew Testa


Summer 2020 Artist in Residence, Ashley Hemmings

Rug Hooking Tutorial with Ashley Hemmings

Makers Afternoon with Ashley Hemmings

Artist Talk | Ashley Hemmings

Spring 2020 Artists in Residence, Drew Pardy & Faune Ybarra

Drew Pardy: Move Together Series

Faune Ybarra: Unusual Encounters, sharing circle

Drew Pardy: The Nipple of Stitches Workshop & Video Tutorial

AiR Faune & Drew: Makers’ Afternoon

Afternoon Tea with Drew Pardy

Faune Ybarra: Artist Talk

Winter 2020 Artists in Residence, Amery Sandford & David Carriere, Melanie Colosimo, and Kate Lahey

Melanie Colosimo hosts satellite Art Bar + Projects


Fall 2019 Artists in Residence, Tanea Hynes & Christeen Francis

Thank God It’s Friday: Studio Hangout & Artist Presentation

Tuesday Art Jam with Christeen Francis

Labrador City artist explores personal connection to mining through art practice

Fall 2019 Land Based Mentored Artist Residency with Marlene Creates, Carrie Allison and Jennifer MacLatchy

OPEN STUDIO: Visit our Artists in Residence, Friday, October 18th, 12-5pm

To Care on Visited Land – Middle Cove Beach, Saturday, October 12, 2019

Conundrums, Confessions, Contradictions, and Concerns: Working as Environmental Artists in 2019

Summer 2019 HOLD FAST artist, Craig Francis Power, Ethan Murphy, Teresa Connors

Spring 2019 Ryan Josey

Winter 2019 Joshua Vettivelu

Eastern Edge Exhibition, Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together): Joshua Vettivelu

Reading Close: Joshua Vettivelu and legibility in absence – Kailey Bryan

Arbitrary Lines: Refugee Law in Canada 1986 – 2012 – Gobhina Najarajah

CBC: Artists create 40-tonne sand sculpture at downtown St. John’s gallery

C Magazine Issue 143: One Thing: Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together) by Arun Nedra Rodrigo