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Current Residencies

Renee Brazeau

September 1 – October 14, 2023

Renee Brazeau intends to work on a quilted mapping project exploring the relationship between place and the expression of one’s queerness.  The exploration will begin by creating a series of large imaginary quilted maps. These maps could take the form of recognizable aerial maps and/or psychological maps. Brazeau will approach quilting in a painterly fashion by intuitively combining embroidery, screen-printing, sewing and applique techniques to create non-traditional quilts. This non-traditional approach to quilting rejects the idea of following a pattern, similarly to how queerness is about rejecting society’s pre-determined pattern.

Renee would like to acknowledge the grant she has received from Canada Council. This grant will play a pivotal role in supporting Renee’s residency at Eastern Edge.

Renée Brazeau (she/they) is a queer, femme, white-settler, artist and educator who is currently based out of Kjipuktuk (Halifax).

With a formal background in drawing and painting, Renée applies a painterly approach to their developing textile practice, in which they are mostly self-taught. Their work explores themes of place, mapping, queer identity, chronic illness, daily mundane moments, quotidian joy, establishment of self, and belonging. Renée’s work is made in an attempt to better understand and document where she is both physically and psychologically in a given moment.

They completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Education both from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Following their undergraduate studies, they pursued a Masters of Arts in Art Education from NSCAD University, where they developed a keen interest in socially engaged community art education.  Renée currently balances her time between her art practice and teaching within community and post-secondary contexts.

Upcoming Residencies

AnnaMaria Pinaka

October 27 – December 9, 2023

AnnaMaria Pinaka was born and raised in Thessaloniki and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Her practice is on drawing, painting, video and performance; she holds a practice-led PhD, titled Porno-graphing: “dirtiness” and self-objectification in lens-based art, from Roehampton University (2017) and lectures in different art academies in the Netherlands.

During her time at Eastern Edge, AnnaMaria Pinaka will be researching punk and hard rock women-identified led scenes in Canada, while drawing, painting, singing and writing about mermaids, princesses and magical fairies. Her aim is to explore the (in)possibilities of a coexistence between the figure of a princess and that of a female punk/hard rock musician. By bringing together these apparently polarised, crystallised and universalised idea(l)s of womanhood, the “holy”, the “untouched” and the “wild” young woman, Pinaka aspires to form affirmative negations of normative iterations of femininity. Carnival fairy dresses, early gaming 90s aesthetics, pink-coloured Barbie-inspired figures, will carve out space for girly-ness and femmeness to interfere with politics of visibility.

Megan Samms

February 2 – March 16, 2024

Nadine Baldow

March 29 – May 11, 2024


May 24 – July 6, 2024

m’lk collective, made up of three siblings, Motheo, Lele and Kutlwano. Are interested in material culture and how it becomes a port of inquiry into stories and relations which would otherwise be illegible to them and perhaps others. Born in South Africa to a Xhosa mother and Mopedi father and raised in spaces which would be considered white or heavily influenced by the western world means they have been faced with multiple material worlds, sometimes simultaneously, most of the time in very close proximity. This has allowed for there to be a gap between what they have been and seen themselves as and what world they exist in/as. This gap has always been filled with enquiry, uncertainty and exploration. This has developed into a practice of observing, archiving and investigating material culture. In South Africa the fascination is how culture manages to persist in circumstances where it is told not to, they would like to bring this practice to Eastern Edge and get to understand how certain cultures have laid dormant, gone through transit and found itself in St John’s, Newfoundland. From objects, to rituals to ways of communicating. In this archiving they would like to use their technical background of architecture, ceramics, film, landscape architecture, lighting design and photography to find ways of making legible what they feel is to be documented. This requires collective practice and building of relationships which they are deeply interested in.

Sylvan Hamburger

July 19 – August 31, 2024

Cranky signifies an erratic vessel, liable to capsize. This nautical meaning serves as a central metaphor for this proposal: I will relief print the hull of a discarded punt, alongside other sea jettison, and turn the printed impressions into textile kites to be flown along the coast. Cranky presupposes the strange and irregular flight of these soft vessels. It also alludes to the volatile consequences of globalization, consumerism, and climate change on coastal communities.

Joshua Schwebel

September 13 – October 26, 2024

Georgia Dawkin

November 8 – December 14, 2024

Past Residencies


Megan Arnold & Clayton Dyon

Megan & Clayton’s Artist Talk + Screening Event

Susan Furneaux

Bark Tanning Workshop with Susan Furneaux

Brenda Reid (Mainframe)

Wander + Wonder: A Practice of Observing and Dreaming – Workshop with Brenda Reid

Oz (B. G-Osborne (Mainframe)

Auditory Fun 101 – Workshop with Oz

Ale Monreal (Mainframe)

Chroma Keying Textiles Workshop with Ale Monreal

Jane Walker (Mainframe)

Digital Storytelling Workshop with Jane Walker

Michael Lucenkiw (Mainframe)

Artist Talk with Michael Lucenkiw

Other Ways of Knowing: Sonification as Data – Workshop with Michael Lucenkiw

Nasim Makaremi Nia (Mainframe)

Artist Talk with Nasim Makaremi Nia


Jillian McDonald

Artist Talk with Jillian McDonald

April White

Artist Talk & Workshop with April White: slowness and comfort in creativity

Glenn Gear, Paige Gratland & Daniel Barrow

Pedro Rebelo & Geraldine Timlin (Artlink Exchange)

Geraldine Timlin and Pedro Rebelo on their Artlink Exchange!

Artist Talk & Film Screening with Pedro Rebelo & Geraldine Timlin

Emily Jan

Open Studio with Emily Jan

Xenia Lucie Laffely

Workshop with Xenia Lucie Laffely: Expression through Textiles

Art Link International Atlantic Residency Exchange, Cliodhna Timoney

International Artist Talks: Micheal Flaherty & Cliodhna Timoney


Summer 2021 HOLD FAST AiR Drew Pardy and Elizabeth Cook, Lily Taylor, and Phlegm Fatales

Summer 2021 Traveling Residency, Emily Neufeld Holding Place: Christeen Francis, Emily Neufeld, Andrew Testa


Summer 2020 Artist in Residence, Ashley Hemmings

Rug Hooking Tutorial with Ashley Hemmings

Makers Afternoon with Ashley Hemmings

Artist Talk | Ashley Hemmings

Spring 2020 Artists in Residence, Drew Pardy & Faune Ybarra

Drew Pardy: Move Together Series

Faune Ybarra: Unusual Encounters, sharing circle

Drew Pardy: The Nipple of Stitches Workshop & Video Tutorial

AiR Faune & Drew: Makers’ Afternoon

Afternoon Tea with Drew Pardy

Faune Ybarra: Artist Talk

Winter 2020 Artists in Residence, Amery Sandford & David Carriere, Melanie Colosimo, and Kate Lahey

Melanie Colosimo hosts satellite Art Bar + Projects


Fall 2019 Artists in Residence, Tanea Hynes & Christeen Francis

Thank God It’s Friday: Studio Hangout & Artist Presentation

Tuesday Art Jam with Christeen Francis

Labrador City artist explores personal connection to mining through art practice

Fall 2019 Land Based Mentored Artist Residency with Marlene Creates, Carrie Allison and Jennifer MacLatchy

OPEN STUDIO: Visit our Artists in Residence, Friday, October 18th, 12-5pm

To Care on Visited Land – Middle Cove Beach, Saturday, October 12, 2019

Conundrums, Confessions, Contradictions, and Concerns: Working as Environmental Artists in 2019

Summer 2019 HOLD FAST artist, Craig Francis Power, Ethan Murphy, Teresa Connors

Spring 2019 Ryan Josey

Winter 2019 Joshua Vettivelu

Eastern Edge Exhibition, Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together): Joshua Vettivelu

Reading Close: Joshua Vettivelu and legibility in absence – Kailey Bryan

Arbitrary Lines: Refugee Law in Canada 1986 – 2012 – Gobhina Najarajah

CBC: Artists create 40-tonne sand sculpture at downtown St. John’s gallery

C Magazine Issue 143: One Thing: Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together) by Arun Nedra Rodrigo