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Year: 2022

Natalie Esther: Looking Down

Emma Detail 1

Looking Down allows the viewer to explore a calmness within as they themselves look down upon an exhibition that mirrors immersive introspection and human connection. The traditional definition of “looking down” (onto something or someone) insinuates that one is more important than the object, or even to believe that it is not good enough for… Read More

Marcia Huyer: Negotiating +/-


Negotiating +/- is an installation consisting of individual plastic bags inflating and deflating individually and collectively, altering the gallery space. Negotiating +/- explores concepts of space and offers a moment of pause and reverie. The concept of space has drastically changed recently. We now negotiate our personal and collective, public and private space differently. Negotiating +/-… Read More

St. Michael’s Printshop: Scattered Monuments


St.Michael’s Printshop presents a conversation between Emily Critch and Simon(e) Van Saarloos about commemoration, monuments, settler colonialism and more. Moderated by Kate Lahey with poetry and music by Daze Jefferies. Drawing from themes in Simon(e)’s book Take ‘Em Down: Scattered Monuments and Queer Forgetting, such as who determines what is remembered and commemorated, and why?… Read More

St. John’s Storytelling Festival: Amplifying Atlantic Queer Voices


St. John’s Storytelling Festival Eastern Edge Main Gallery Free Event September 25, 9-9pm Amplifying Atlantic Queer Voices with Terra Nova, Misty, Eda Kumquat, Melissandra Groza, Celina Torres, and Lu Qiao. For the full Storytelling Festival schedule of events, see their website HERE.

Mainframe: Working with Sound, with Than Brown on Oct. 11th

Mainframe Workshop Series Deconstructing FL0W3RS with Francesco De Gallo (Facebook Event Cover)

Scroll down to view the workshop recording and materials. On October 11th, from 6-8 pm, come down to Eastern Edge for our second Mainframe workshop with Than Brown! Designed for artists who want to get into sound art or incorporate audio into their works, this workshop will teach the basics of working with sound. It… Read More