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Year: 2013

The Art Marathon Festival: Dreamworlds


The Art Marathon Festival is a celebration of contemporary artistic practice held each August in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Local, national and international artists come together to present unique performances of their work, share skills in public workshops, take part in provoking discussions and participate in a 24-hour marathon of live art making. The… Read More

Barbara Burnaby – Mixed Bag


Mixed Bag is a celebration of Barbara Burnaby’s lifetime pleasure in expressing the visual wonder of her world. Patient coaching by family and teachers has opened the door to new media. About the artist: Barbara Burnaby is a lifetime amateur artist and craftsperson. Her media include drawing, ceramics, flower arranging, ceramics, sculpture, textile work, stained… Read More

Amanda Power – Shadows


Shadows examines the body in transition, exploring time-based changes that the body experiences. The human body goes through physical, emotional and mental shifts during the aging process. Created over the past two years, Shadows works mainly with figurative images. In each piece the body’s presence acts as a platform, in which the viewer may explore… Read More

Maryse Arseneault – Sanguine, Terre Brulée, et autres Angoisses


Questioning hidden bloodlines in Acadian ancestry, Sanguine, Terres Brulées, et autres Angoisses investigates post-colonial ailments, notably surrounding the notions of appropriation, identity and territory, initiating dialogue between First Nations and non-First Nations people. Read the exhibition essay by Sophia Bartholomew.   Opening reception + Artist talk: June 15th at 7pm Facebook event here About the… Read More

Dominique Hurley – Treedom

treedom_room_lighting 2

The tree kingdom has offered humanity an unlimited source of inspiration and energy. As a universal symbol of spiritual growth, trees invite us to connect with their grounding roots and their infinite branches of wisdom, nourishment, union, and liberation. Dominique Hurley’s acrylic-based mixed media exhibition invites you through the portal into the transformational world of… Read More