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Slippery Terrain / 100 Stories About My Grandmother

nina image 1

JULIANA ESPANA KELLER, NINA LASSILA, THORA GUNNARSDOTTIR, ELIN ANNA GUNNARSDOTTIR – SLIPPERY TERRAIN PETER KINGSTONE – 100 STORIES ABOUT MY GRANDMOTHER MAR. 06 – APR. 17 Slippery Terrain was brought to life because negotiating artistic territory can be momentous, despite geographical distance. Four visual artists are presenting new work at Eastern Edge Gallery in celebration… Read More

Jennifer Barrett / Cindy Baker


JENNIFER BARRETT – WEREBEARS AND ONLY CHILDREN CINDY BAKER – PERSONAL APPEARANCE JAN. 9 – FEB. 20 Werebears and Only Children is a multi-media installation including painting, sculpture and video projection, based on a comic strip. The paintings are to scale and at viewing height to the 4 foot tall sculptural characters of the comic… Read More

Kym Greeley / Scott Rogers


KYM GREELEY – TCH SCOTT ROGERS – MINIATURE SEARS TOWERS SEPT. 6 – OCT. 18 TCH is a new series of paintings which takes as its central theme an exploration of Newfoundland landscape. Greeley seeks to simplify this representation to create a more mediated interpretation, where the geography of Newfoundland can be appreciated in a… Read More

Kristen Roos / Jennifer Dorner


KRISTEN ROOS – THE MICRO RADIO PROJECT JENNIFER DORNER – SKY VESSELS JUN. 28 – AUG. 2 The micro radio project is a mobile sound installation, and a live sound collage performance. Using lathe cut records, cassettes and a radio transmitter it pays homage to the history of the phonograph, tape and radio as tools… Read More

John Dummett / Mario Doucette


. JOHN DUMMETT – REMEMBER WE ARE ALL HERE MARIO DOUCETTE – HISTOIRES MAY 3 – JUN. 14 Remember we are all here is a socially engaged examination of the language used in current debates of community and social integration. The installation provides an intimate space for a public mourning of the loss of shared… Read More